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The traits that make us human and that we are automating little by little

Invention and Creativity are traits that make us humans human. But how do you develop these? And if there’s a way to do it, can it be automated?

The following are brief thoughts I had around these questions, which were ignited after reading the latest research by OpenAI and GPT-3…


A look into the potential of Microsoft Lobe and no-code tools.

Disclaimer: This post is not intended to be a tutorial, but a brief account of my experience using no-code tools to dabble with Machine Learning.

I’d like to open with an invitation to put aside any “Code vs No-code” mentality when reading this article. I’m not interested in the debate…

UX notes on planning transitions and scrolling behaviors.

A common challenge when designing digital products, specially when creating design deliverables, is having to explain an app flow, a transition between two screens, or even a change between two or more states in the same screen.

A designer’s skill to imagine these transitions is almost as valuable as the…

with Framer Studio

On observation & exploration

Deep observation improves prototyping, and vice versa.

Picture a guitarist composing a new song. His eyes are closed while his mind is exploring different rhythms and melodies through the skill of his fingers. …

“Replicant” / IlLustration by: JL Flores Mena

Breve observación en evolución de ansiedades.

Hace poco leí un estudio que se hizo en habitantes de países desarrollados en los cuales el concepto/palabra ‘iPhone’ causaba una huella neurológica similar a la del concepto/palabra ‘amor’. …

Juan F. Mena

Design strategy. Exploration through prototyping. @72mena

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